Welcome to UIT-Group!

Our goal is to provide simple, high-quality service, plans and services for affordability, ease of use and guaranteed satisfaction. Each day we strive to reach that goal by remembering three words: simplicity, excellence and friendliness.

  • Simpler is better. Life is complicated enough without complex I.T. solutions. Our mission is to make the benefits of our I.T. solution and service easier and less expensive for you to enjoy. How? By offering solutions that are easy to understand and to change. By offering service designed for ease of use and affordability.

  • Excellent value. We believe you deserve the highest quality at the best prices. We offer flexible service plans that fit different needs and budgets, nationwide. And by not requiring long-term contracts or surprising you with hidden charges.

  • Friendly service. It's all about our relationship with you. With nothing more than a phone call to our helpful service or a visit to our website. We want to earn your business every day, not force you to stay because you signed a contract. We're proud of the friendly, problem-solving approach we have, and we think you will be, too.

  • We're here for you. We look out for our customers. Plus, if you refer a friend to us both you and your friend are eligible to receive 30% off your next bill.

    Ultimate Information & Technology (UIT-Group) was founded by Nial Alexander in 2009.
    UIT-Group is a full service - sales and consulting company that develops wireless service packages for home, small and medium businesses. UIT-Group, headquartered in Aruba, San Nicolas, is a nationwide provider of I.T. solution and services.